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On the path to net zero

Over the last year, Inosys has removed 1.38 tonnes of CO2 from the air.

We achieved this with the help of Climeworks, a company specialising in carbon dioxide air capture technology.

With Climeworks' direct air capture technology, CO2 can be removed from the air and permanently stored without negative impacts on the ecosystem.

Climework's machines consist of modular CO2 collectors that are solely powered by renewable energy and energy-from-waste. The CO2 collectors draw in air with a fan and capture the CO2 on the surface of a highly selective filter material. Once the filter material is full, the temperature is increased to between 80 - 100 C to release the carbon dioxide. It can then be collected and turned into carbonate minerals 800-2000 m underground.

By joining Climeworks we are part of a growing number of organizations that are committed to joining the fight against global warming and reaching net-zero emissions – so every little helps and we plan to continue to do more.