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Climate Action for Offshore Operations

Like most people and organisations, we’d like to be doing more when it comes to climate action. There’s always more we can do. Behaviours are key for affecting change: wanting and continuously striving to do more, and taking actual action. This year, we’ve committed to doing more to encourage and support steps towards climate action where we have a degree of control or influence. Part of this is our Offshore Operations Climate Action pledge.

Externally, this pledge means:

- Our advice to clients on the planning and execution of offshore operations will consider strategies and measures to minimise their carbon impact e.g. timing, scope optimisation, etc. In many cases, this has the added bonus that strategies for reducing emissions are usually directly correlated with execution efficiency. In other words, projects which consider carbon efficiency will probably save time and money too.

- Our innovative remote oversight and assurance platform, Seekat, will be deployed on all our projects with our NEW Carbon Impact reporting feature to capture and report emissions-related data from offshore operations. Visibility and awareness through measurement and reporting is the first step towards positive change; after all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

- Using these data, we will offer options for offsetting the impact of the operations through the funding of Gold Standard projects to compensate unavoidable emissions.

Seekat CO2 monitoring

We will share updates on what we learn as we convert our pledge into action. We will gladly work on this initiative with clients, partners, competitors, contractors, the wider supply chain, and other stakeholders, anyone who is interested in taking positive action on the massive problem of climate change.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is actively looking at ways to reduce and/or offset emissions from conventional offshore survey and site investigation operations. It would be great if we could collectively develop some best practices that will benefit everyone.

If you’re interested in learning about how Seekat can unlock the latent value of operational data and elevate your approach to project management, please get in touch - we love talking about how data and digital improve performance and help the climate agenda!