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A catalyst for collaboration

The challenge

This was a complex project in a dynamic situation involving geophysical and geotechnical data acquisition by multiple vessels demanding real-time monitoring – a true 24/7 operation. And, further adding to the complexity, was the potential for SIMOPS.

Over the course of the project, three vessels/spreads were managed – Fugro’s Venturer, Scout and Galaxy. The acquisition pro-gramme included 3DUHR, 2DHR, AUV/sea-bed surveys, shallow Geotech, deep Geotech and environmental data. This created tens of thousands of data points, harvested from more than 250 daily progress reports (not including AIS and geospatial data).

  • How could we ensure that these costly survey operations were delivering value?

  • How could we manage expectations and get a disparate team truly integrated?

The solution

This project proved the perfect proving ground for our Seekat® platform. We gave the BP team full access to the portal. Little did we realise how successful it would be in supporting the safe execution of project and stakeholder engagement – a truly transparent, visual, real-time tool. The platform showed the clear advantages of a series of easy-to-use integrated project management and data visualisation modules. What is more, with bespoke dashboards, the information BP needed was always at its fingertips.

We now use Seekat® for the planning and management of marine activities and operationalising data, it has become a valuable business intelligence asset. Crucially, Seekat® is now a linchpin for stakeholder engagement, whether offshore or onshore, across the various asset teams. It gives decision makers the ability to access information quickly, makes weekly / daily operations meetings more efficient and ensures effective collaboration between teams at all levels.

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A catalyst for collaboration