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3 things you can do now to reduce the carbon impact of offshore surveys

Are you looking for ways to reduce and/or offset emissions from conventional offshore survey and site investigation operations?
Here are 3️⃣ things you can do now to reduce your carbon impact ⬇️

    1. Develop strategies to minimise carbon impact

      Minimising the carbon impact of offshore surveys starts with considering strategies to optimise timing and scope. This will not only reduce the environmental impact significantly but will save you time and money too.

      2. Visibility and awareness through measurement and reporting

      Report all emissions of your offshore survey with tools such as the Seekat Carbon Impact reporting feature to keep track of your carbon impact throughout your campaign. This helps keep an overview and lets you identify areas where improvements should me made.

      3. Compensate unavoidable emissions by offsetting the impact of operations

      Using the data collected on your platform of choice, you can now offset unavoidable emissions and the impact of your operations through the funding of Gold Standard projects or similar.